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ShartCoin Community

Simplifying finance with satirical currency, except you can buy stuff with it maybe.



SHARTCOIN is fully decentralized and owned by a fun, vibrant community. We welcome and embrace diverse ideas to help build SHART into the best community in crypto. It’s a Stellar Token, which means it’s fastAF. Let’s get that bread and MAKE THOSE SHARTS!

There’s stuff to see here. So, take your time, have a look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We’re taking a moment to thank you for visiting this site… … …

Thank you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who made ShartCoin?

   A teenage genius made ShartCoin.

Will buying ShartCoin make me paidAF? 

   Yes and No, but probably so.

Where can I buy Sharts?

   Any Stellar Exchange. Lobstr is cool. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more on that.


   It’s a 24hr free-for-all, on the exchange where ShartCoin is traded, every single Wednesday forever. Basically Shartlords (ShartCoin Whales) make sure the newcomers have a better chance of getting in the community by increasing the amount of coin available for sale. 


   Literally anyone. ShartCoin is proudly inclusive of all people, races, religions, heights, colors, mantras, and fintech bias’. You just need to Add Asset and Buy ShartCoin. 


What’s on the Shartcuterie board?


Shartlord Ascension! Every WEDNESDAY, for 24 hrs, is the SHARTYPARTY JUBILEE. Pretty much just BUY as much Shartcoin as you possibly can. The Shart Whales will sell larger than normal shares so new comers have a chance to have more Shart in their life.

COMING SOON! A place to spend your Sharts!

ShartCoin Sub Reddit!

Sup Sharty? Time to Party. Stay up on the what’s good with Shart lately.

The relaxed Shart experience at r/Shartcoin is chic and airy. Make friends, trade Shart.

ShartCoin is one of the best-rated coins in the this region. You won’t want to miss out!

Become a Shartlord today.

It’s too easy.

Step 1.

Download the LOBSTR App or visit the LOBSTR webpage.

Step 2.

Make your LOBSTR account.

Step 3.

Fund your account with Lumens. You can buy directly using LOBSTR or transfer from an external wallet.

Step 4.

Click on Assets and look for the + sign.

Search for ShartCoin.

Select ShartCoin then click Add Asset.

Step 5.

Go to menu and Swap Assets.

Step 6.

Once you’re on the Swap page, Shart your heart out.

Step 7.

Time to trade and become a Shartlord.

Step 8.

Click either buy or sell.

Step 9.

Complete your order.

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